Hiroki Takada + 80 Iino high school students(Mie pref in Japan).
Chandelier of prayer

Japanese people were hurting by this earthquake disaster.
I write poetry at that time.
Able only to pray.
I am able only to pray.
Today, a serious thing happened in Japan.
Around the world, serious things are happening.
What kind of serious thing will happen from now on.
I am hurting , everybody is hurting.
But able only to pray.
I am able only to pray.

2011 March.11
Poem by Hiroki Takada, Translation by Philip Gray

I spent approximately four months, and I completed a chandelier of the prayer.
I performed a workshop of the prayer for the revival from a great earthquake disaster in Iino Senior High School.
80 students wrote a message of the prayer to the paper (plastic paper).
I fold the origami crane with the paper and close a message.
I become the soul of the origami crane, and the message flaps and becomes the light desired.
I completed a chandelier with all the students.
And I prayed for revival with all the students last.

About Origami crane:
Origami crane is a Japanese culture custom.
The Japanese gives an inpatient it for disease recovery from illness and a long-lived wish.

About workshop:
I think that I want to do a workshop in a museum and the school of various countries in the world.
If you are interest, Please contact me!!
message: Please believe Japan!
folding the origami crane,

Each student assembles it.